CIB intervention modulates in 5 business models, according to the needs of sectors and partners:
Trading | Buy-back | Shareholding and financial support | management/advice/turnaround | Incubation of new business projects



To CIB is due the invention of a particular formula of buy-back aimed at ensuring an economic balance between two separate commercial transactions: the sale of an industrial plant on one side, the repurchase (buy-back) of the products of the same plant on the other.

A similar double transaction is defined by the redaction of two separate and parallel contracts, through which CIB takes both the the role of seller and buyer. The buy-back contract by CIB has been often subjected to analysis and research in several Italian universities.

Presently CIB is able to offer turnkey solutions to all player willing to invest in the following sectors:

  • Vegetable oils production
  • Tomato concentrate production
  • Fruit concentrate production
  • Potato, cassava and maize starch production
  • Potato flakes production



After 30 years of activity CIB has become one of the major European players in the trade of second-hand machines. In every sphere of the textile processing, CIB is synonymous of technology and expertise in selling and buying machines of all brand. CIB is a most reliable partner for the textile manufacturers, both in financial terms and in technical assistance.

Thanks to the management of a big number of stocking sites, CIB is able to furnish from the single machine to the whole line of equipments, disposing of a large range of machines and supporting the management in the research of machines needed to act always at the best of their productive capacity.



Since 1991, CIB is active in the field of ancient painting and sculpture artworks, mainly Italian.

In the time, CIB has built itself a solid reputation, thanks to its consolidated relations with institutions, museum curators from the world, scholars and experts.

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