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CIB S.A., Compagnie Internationale pour le Barter

CIB S.A., Compagnie Internationale pour le Barter, is a Swiss trading company operating in the agri-food and textile industrial sectors, as well as in the field of most valuable works of art. The firm was established in 1986 by CIR-Olivetti group, with the aim of developing projects in the emerging countries. CIB is independent since 1991.

Since the early 2000s, CIB extended its scope by acquiring shareholdings in other sectors considered to be strategic.

CIB is the inventor of one particular Buy-Back formula, a special form of counter-trade aimed at ensuring economic balance between two distinct operations: the sale of an industrial installation and the subsequent purchase of the product of the same installation. CIB's buy-back contract has been in several occasions analyzed in researches of Italian universities


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